How Do You Get Reptile UV Light For Your Tank?

Similar to the heat requirement, reptile UV light is absolutely essential in every reptile vivarium since it played an important role in the reptile well being.

Even though you are keeping the species of reptiles that do not really need UVB light such as snakes and leopard geckos, they also need light to maintain and regular internal o’clock of day and night. Without identify day/night times, your reptiles will become struggle and stress.

In this article below, we will help you to figure out the best UVB bulb that you should get in your vivarium.

How to get UVA light for reptile?

UVA light or you can know as a visible light, which helps reptile can see things. UVA light can produce by incandescent reptile UV light bulb. You cannot use the normal human light globes for the reptiles tank.

Because these incandescent bulbs are specifically designed for reptiles only and it allows them to see a wider range of UVA light.

Reptile eyes can see a ranger of colors and light than human, these bulbs will produce the light, which mimics what they have in the natural habitat.

UVA light can help reptile reduces stress, encourages the feeding and some other behaviors such as breeding, matching, climbing, etc.

UVA light has been known as a daylight bulb because it is replicate the visible light of the natural sunlight. It brings benefits even with nocturnal animals.

How to get UVB light for reptile?

Like the other normal animals, Reptiles also require UVB light to produce vitamin D3. Reptiles need vitamin D3 for synthesis calcium levels that help their body maintain strong bones, growth and egg production.

If they do not receive the amount of vitamin D3, there is a risk of metabolic bone disease for your reptile, which can cause the dead, blindness and mouth rot are possible.

However, there are some species of reptiles do not really need vitamin D3. For example, snakes can absorb vitamin D3 from their food. Leopard geckos can synthesis vitamin D3 from some supplements that you allow them to eat.