Rain . . . the natural pause that refreshes

Rain is a precious gift and the secret of what makes Harrison a beautiful green jewel. Rainy days remind us that we are not always in control, that it is not always sunny and that we need to learn to enjoy the balance between rain and sun in our own lives. As Henry Longfellow said “The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.” If you are rainy day people here are our:

Top 10 Ways enjoy the rain in Harrison

1. Retreat to the Hot Springs

2. Walk the Lagoon

3. Listen to the rain

4. Go for a swim

5. Go fishing

6. Curl up by the fire

7. Enjoy some culture

8. Do a rain dance

9. Go on a Lake Tour

10. Rain + Winter = Skiing

#1 Retreat to the Hot Springs

There is no finer treat on a rainy day then heading to the Hot Springs and getting soaked to the skin. The warmand healing waters chase away any rainy blues. It is the ultimate way to, relax and recharge on a rainy day.

#2 Walk the Lagoon

Grab an umbrella, or not, and go for a leisurely rainy day walk around the lagoon. On a rainy day, it so peaceful, only a few other rainy day people and all the nature that is unique to Harrison: Mountains, lake, ducks, geese, herons. Stop and watch the rain dancing on the water.

#3 Listen to the rain

Nothing is more soothing then listening to the rain fall, well maybe listening to a waterfall, or ocean. There’ just something soothing about water. Find a covered porch, grab a warm coffee and just sit and listen.

#4 Go for a swim

There is something wonderful about swimming in the rain (as long as its not the middle of the winter). The water feels warmer, the rain falling on your head tingles, it is just a great experience. Head over to the Lagoon and go for a dip.

#5 Go Fishing

Even though the fish are already wet there is something about rain and fishing that go together. Some think the rain makes the fish more active, others think the rain brings the fish to the surface, whatever happens fishing in the rain, with the right gear, is a great experience.

#6 Curl up by the fire

Prefer to enjoy the rain from a warm dry room. At Harrison Heritage House we offer a hot chocolate and game package that is just perfect for curling up in front of a wood burning fireplace on a cold rainy day.

#7 Enjoy some culture

On a sunny day it just doesn’t feel right to be cooped up in a museum, art gallery or library. So take advantage of guilt free culture by checking out, the Agassiz-Harrison Museum, The Ranger Art Gallery or Historic Kilby Farm on a beautiful rainy day.

#8 Do a rain dance

Let loose and invent your own rain dance. Find a puddle and jump in it. Dancing in the rain worked for Gene Kelly so add a little song kick up your heels. It’s a great way to just embrace the rain and truly enjoy it.

#9 Go on a Lake Tour

The lake has a totally different look and feel in the rain. Take your boat out and check out the sights in the rain. Want to stay dry or don’t have a boat then April through September take one of the Shoreline Lake tours.

#10 Rain + Winter = Skiing

Sometimes sitting in the rain in Harrison you forget that up on Hemlock that moisture takes o a different form. It’s called Snow! Between December and March if the wet stuff is coming down in Harrison you can be pretty sure that half an hour west on Hemlock Mountain the snow is piling up. So on a rainy day head for the hills and ski down them. Or if your not into skiing try something else like tobogganing, snowshoeing, building snowmen or just have an old fashioned snowball fight.