Rain . . . the natural pause that refreshes

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Rain is a precious gift and the secret of what makes Harrison a beautiful green jewel. Rainy days remind us that we are not always in control, that it is not always sunny and that we need to learn to enjoy the balance between rain and sun in our own lives. As Henry Longfellow said “The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.” If you are rainy day people here are our:

Top 10 Ways enjoy the rain in Harrison

1. Retreat to the Hot Springs

2. Walk the Lagoon

3. Listen to the rain

4. Go for a swim

5. Go fishing

6. Curl up by the fire

7. Enjoy some culture

8. Do a rain dance

9. Go on a Lake Tour

10. Rain + Winter = Skiing

#1 Retreat to the Hot Springs

There is no finer treat on a rainy day then heading to the Hot Springs and getting soaked to the skin. The warmand healing waters chase away any rainy blues. It is the ultimate way to, relax and recharge on a rainy day.

#2 Walk the Lagoon

Grab an umbrella, or not, and go for a leisurely rainy day walk around the lagoon. On a rainy day, it so peaceful, only a few other rainy day people and all the nature that is unique to Harrison: Mountains, lake, ducks, geese, herons. Stop and watch the rain dancing on the water.

#3 Listen to the rain

Nothing is more soothing then listening to the rain fall, well maybe listening to a waterfall, or ocean. There’ just something soothing about water. Find a covered porch, grab a warm coffee and just sit and listen.

#4 Go for a swim

There is something wonderful about swimming in the rain (as long as its not the middle of the winter). The water feels warmer, the rain falling on your head tingles, it is just a great experience. Head over to the Lagoon and go for a dip.

#5 Go Fishing

Even though the fish are already wet there is something about rain and fishing that go together. Some think the rain makes the fish more active, others think the rain brings the fish to the surface, whatever happens fishing in the rain, with the right gear, is a great experience.

#6 Curl up by the fire

Prefer to enjoy the rain from a warm dry room. At Harrison Heritage House we offer a hot chocolate and game package that is just perfect for curling up in front of a wood burning fireplace on a cold rainy day.

#7 Enjoy some culture

On a sunny day it just doesn’t feel right to be cooped up in a museum, art gallery or library. So take advantage of guilt free culture by checking out, the Agassiz-Harrison Museum, The Ranger Art Gallery or Historic Kilby Farm on a beautiful rainy day.

#8 Do a rain dance

Let loose and invent your own rain dance. Find a puddle and jump in it. Dancing in the rain worked for Gene Kelly so add a little song kick up your heels. It’s a great way to just embrace the rain and truly enjoy it.

#9 Go on a Lake Tour

The lake has a totally different look and feel in the rain. Take your boat out and check out the sights in the rain. Want to stay dry or don’t have a boat then April through September take one of the Shoreline Lake tours.

#10 Rain + Winter = Skiing

Sometimes sitting in the rain in Harrison you forget that up on Hemlock that moisture takes o a different form. It’s called Snow! Between December and March if the wet stuff is coming down in Harrison you can be pretty sure that half an hour west on Hemlock Mountain the snow is piling up. So on a rainy day head for the hills and ski down them. Or if your not into skiing try something else like tobogganing, snowshoeing, building snowmen or just have an old fashioned snowball fight.

Harrison is the perfect place for Family reunions

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Family reunions are a great way to reconnect with family members you haven’t seen in years and give yourself a chance to celebrate that most important of relationships “Family” Why is Harrison Hot Springs the perfect place to meet for family reunions:

  • close to Vancouver and BC’s Interior
  • a natural paradise: hot springs, lake, mountains
  • lots to do: hiking, biking, boating, walking, shopping
  • safe place to meet, secluded location
  • great family activities: mini-golf, waterslides, beach, horseback riding, museums, and much more

These days, it’s tough to get your own family together for a meal, much less the extended family for a few meals and days of telling family tales and photos. Harrison Hot Springs offers you the location to get together away from the distractions of everyday life and enjoy an environment where family activities are natural.

Top 10 Family Reunion activities in Harrison

  • Mini-golf and Sasquatch Hunting
  • Kite Tournament
  • Water fun
  • Horseback Riding
  • Soak in the Mineral Pool
  • Circle farm tour
  • Family Sports Day
  • Family Walk, hike, bikeathon

Whether you want to have a small get-together of your closest relatives or a great gathering of everyone you can find hanging on your family tree, you need to know where to get your family reunion started and how to keep it all organized.

Harrison Hot Springs Watersports

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Harrison Lake is home to a wide variety of water sport from windsurfing to kayaking

Learn more about Harrison Lake

  • Windsurfing
    Water Fun

#1 Windsurfing

Windsurfing and kite boarding have been popular in Harrison Hot Springs for years. The Harrison Windsports Society maintains a small beach area and a portable toilet (biffy) at the breakwater on the south west side of the Village of Harrison – commonly referred to as “Breakwater Beach. The afternoon invariably brings great thermals for windsurfing. Want to get an idea of what its like then check out this Youtube video.

#2 Canoeing and Kayaking

When canoeing and kayaking in Harrison Lake its important to remember that it is 60 km (37.2 mi.) long and 9 km (5.58 mi.) wide in spots, glacier fed and is subject to sudden and sometimes strong winds.

What you need to know:

its best you stay close to shore,

watch the weather

paddle with at least two or three boats

always wear a PFD

Best Canoe/Kayak excursions

#3 Harrison Hot Springs to Harrison Mills

A great canoe/kayak trip is to paddle from Harrison west down the Harrison River to Harrison Mills. This is an amazing trip, especially in October and November when 1000’s of Bald Eagles are around. Make sure you have a pickup car at Harrison Mills. To get a feel for it check out this Youtube video.

Canoeing the lake – As long as you stay close to shore, and plan properly the lake can be paddled. You can put in at the beach at Harrison Hot Springs to travel the beach road east and put in at the park and boat launch. There are frequent landing and camping sites on the west side of the lake. The east side camping is more difficult with some exceptions.

#4 Water Fun

There are other ways to be on the lake than in a boat that are a lot of fun. They include:

Sea-doing. Discover the lake on a Sea-doo. On such a large lake there is actually room to have some fun. If you don’t have a Sea-doo they can be rented from Harrison Watersports.

Bumper boats. Loaded with electric water guns these boats are fun for all ages. These boats are great for floating around or getting immersed in water fights.

Banana Boat Ride. This Ten Person Banana Tube is pulled behind one of Harrison Watersports high performance ski boats, and feels much like white water rafting without the white water.

Dragon boat Racing – Want to be on the water as part of a team. Maybe dragonboat racing is for you. Harrison hosts the annual Fraser Valley Dragon Boat race in July and is home to the Pirates Dragon Boat Team. If your interested they are always looking for new Pirate wannabe’s. Want to see them in action check out this Youtube video.

#5 Swimming

There are a number of great ‘swimming holes’ in and around Harrison Hot Springs. They include:

Harrison lagoon. This man made wonder offers lots of sandy beach and water that warms up nicely in the summer. Great place for the family.

Harrison lake. On either side of the lagoon there is beach on Harrison Lake itself. If you prefer your water cold and fresh. Take a dip here but remember this lake is fed by Glaciers.

Greenpoint. Just up the east side of the lake 6km outside of Harrison this day use park is a great place for a day out. It has a nice secluded bay but it is Harrison lake so its never really warm.

Hicks and Bench lake. Sasquatch provincial park is 15 minutes up the road from Harrison and has a 2 wonderful little lake for swimming, fishing or canoeing. For a great map of Sasquatch Provincial Park which covers Greenpoint, Hicks lake and Bench lake click here.

#6 Watersliding

Looking for water fun but not ready to get on the lake. Just up the road is TransCanada Water slides. They offer great slides, giant hot tub, barbecue area, Volleyball court, picnic tables, children playground and a 18-hole miniature golf.

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Harrison Hot Springs – Things to do in the air

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Harrison Hot Springs, enjoy the sunshine and drink the wild air…. Harrison Hot Springs, the perfect place in the Fraser Valley to enjoy flying, birding and kiting

Here are just a few of the possibilities,

(click on the link to learn more)

  • Experience the unique world of a helicopter flight
  • The local favorite for paragliding is Mount Woodside, check out this Youtube video to get a feel.
  • Fly a kite in the afternoon winds
  • Sail in the thermals
  • A little bit of a hike to reach but Paraglide Mount Cheam the highest local peak – check out this short video on Youtube. its almost like being there, without the heart pounding adrenaline rush!
  • Wind surf the wild air
  • Watch the ducks and geese along the Miami River
  • Observe the birds at Cheam Wetlands