Which is better for my 100 gallon aquarium? Canister Filter VS Sump filter

Unlike the other types of filters, both Canister and Sump are designed to handle large aquarium. They can be considered as the best 100 gallon aquarium filter. It can be a tough decision to weigh the options between a canister filter vs a sump.

Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantage. The choice mainly depends on your personally preference. Would one be better for you over the other? Keep reading our article.

#1 Operation

Canister filter suck water up through a lift tube and into a canister where it is then forced through various filter medias to clean the dirty water. It is offer chemical, mechanical, and biological filtration. Once the water has been filtered through the canister, it will back into the tank.

A sump, on the other hands, require you to build a sump or purchase on sump setups. You also have to install a circulation pump inside of the sump. Water is then pumped from the sump and into the aquarium and then back into the sump. Generally speaking, installation a sump may not be as easy for beginners.

#2 Aesthetic

this is the advantage of sump as it may seem like a complex setup but with a sump, you can use a sump box as a place to store all the stuff that normally mess up the walls and bottom of your tank such as heater, thermometer, pipes, wires, and more. You do not need to worry that these things will take lots of space inside the tank.

On the other side, Canister filter usually come with a large body that invisible inside or outside the tank.

#3 Maintenance

Canister filter usually require less effort to maintain than a sump one. This is because the water is being forced through the media as opposed to flowing over or around the media. They are also return the water back to the tank by a spray bar and reduce evaporation and current.

#4 Effectiveness

While these two filters are both high appreciated about their filtration ability for 100 gallon tank. But there is the plus point for sumps is that Sumps also keep the surface of the water free of contaminates while canister filters may not keep the surface clean. Furthermore, the sumps also relatively quiet operate, canisters can be a little louder.