Relax – Surrounded by natures beauty it is easy to slow down and smell the roses

 Relax in Harrison Hot Springs

Relaxing has become something of a lost art but in Harrison Hot Springs it comes naturally. Here are our helpful tips to enjoy the moment:

   Top 10 Ways to Relax in Harrison
1. Commune with Nature                    2. Soak your stress away
3. Yoga by the Lagoon                          4.  Music at Memorial Hall
5. Visit our Art Gallery                           6. Read on the beach
7. Learn something new                      8. Romantic getaway
9. Relaxation Massage                      10. Walk the lagoon

Commune with Nature : One of the best stress relievers is meditation.  In Harrison take your hour of meditation sitting on a bench looking out at the lake, sitting on a log on a hiking trail, drift on a paddle boat along the shoreline.  Meditation builds on deep breathing and allows your mind to relax, combining this with the beauty and serenity of nature relaxes your entire being.

Soak your stress away :  Relaxing in a hot bath relieves sore muscles and joints, reduces stress and tension, and promotes a good night’s sleep.  Soaking in the public hot springs pool provides the additional benefit of minerals and salts that have healed bodies since the beginning of time. For a more private soak book a getaway in a jacuzzi suite at Harrison Heritage House & Cottages!

Yoga on the Beach:  The slow movements and controlled postures of yoga improves muscle strength, flexibility, range of motion, balance, breathing, blood circulation and promotes mental focus, clarity and calmness. Stretching also reduces mental and physical stress, tension and anxiety, promotes good sleep, lowers blood pressure and slows down your heart rate.  Yoga on the beach at sun rise only enhances these benefits. (Assuming no one else is there watching!)

Music at Memorial Hall : Music is a proven and effective stress reducer. Studies have shown that music can reduce feelings of anxiety, heart rate, and blood pressure.  Attend one of the wonderful concerts of gifted Canadian artists at the quaint Memorial Hall.

Visit a Gallery: Art has been used as a means of stress reduction in a number of different ways.  Immersing yourself in a painting or sculpture is a wonderful way to release tension.  Visit the Ranger Station Gallery in Harrison and relax into the view.

Read on the beach: While you probably read books for pure enjoyment you may not be aware of the benefit reading has on your stress levels. While temporarily escaping from your real life, you are relaxing and taking a mini-mind-vacation. Reading on the beach in the sun enhances this effect to a total stress reliever.

Learn something new: A change is as good as a rest.  Learning something new takes the mind off daily worries and occupies it with new information.  Head over to Kilby Historic Site. Learn about and experience life at the turn of the century or stroll through the Agassiz Harrison Museum, housed in a former Canadian Pacific Railroad Station.  Read through the archives and learn about the rich history of the area.

Romantic Getaway:  There is no better way to relax then a romantic getaway.  We have listed our top 10 on the romance page.  A romantic getaway takes you out of your stressful everyday life into a world where only you and your partner exist.  Studies have shown that making love is probably the ultimate natural destressor.

Relaxation Massage:  Massages can be invigorating or relaxing.  The ultimate in relaxation is offered by The Healing Springs Spa in Harrison.  Destress from head to toe with one of their great spa treatments.

Walk the lagoon:   Probably the simplest and most effective way of relaxing is walking.  Simply come to Harrison for the weekend and spend a few days walking around the lagoon.  The panorama is breath taking, the air is fresh, the sounds are soothing. You are guaranteed to leave relaxed.