Hydroponic Grow Chamber: What is the best hydroponic growth chamber?

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Do you want to start grow your plant indoor with less effort and don’t need to concern about bug or weather outside? You should certainly look into hydroponic grow chamber. Hydroponic grow chamber is an enclosure room that help to create a safe, secure and perfect growth environment for your hydroponic plants.

It will much easier to control, adjust and check the condition inside the box or chamber. From completely automated grow chamber to affordable, simple unit; this article will show you some of the best hydroponic grow chamber on the market that are suited for both newcomers to hydroponics and seasoned growers.

Top 10 Hydroponic Grow Chamber 2021

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#1 Grandma’s Secret Garden 5.0-4 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box

Dealzer’s Cash Crop 5.0 is one of the most popular, best seller grow boxes on the market. The box measures 36″ T x 24″ W x 16.5″ D and its capacity can hold up to 6 plants. Its size is perfect if you want to grow taller strains of cannabis. This grow box offers all the things gardeners need to get started except the seeds.

LED grow light, ventilation system, a reservoir, complete pack of hydroponic nutrients, a submersible water pump, a timer, and net pots are all included in this package. Reflective Mylar linings are used on the inside of the box to increases the lighting effects within the box while lowering the risk of leaking. Overall, this is a simple, low-cost grow box but comes with a lot of features and good quality construction.

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#2 Supercloset SuperBox LED Hydroponic Grow Box

Many growers perfect to find a small grow chamber that can fit nicely in their tight space, Super Box grow box is perfect option to go for if you think about the size. It is look like a small refrigerator. Although it’s relatively small, the box can accommodate for up to 8 hydroponic plants. It features a dual X40 Flower LED Grow Lights, which support your plants throughout their growth cycle, emit less heat and improve yields quantity.

What I love the most is that this box comes with Smart Technology design, that means are able to set the box for automatic operation. By smartphone app, you can monitor the box or feed your plants with WIFI grow cam and app-controlled smart timers. This product also comes with carbon Filter, digital thermometer & hygrometer, adjustable inline fan, etc.

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#3 ANDRAM Grow Tent for Hydroponics Indoor Growing

This is the simple, standard grow chamber for hydroponic plants if you are looking for an affordable option. ANDRAM grow tent is lined with reflective polyester film on the inside, which not only prevent light leaking but also increase the light efficiency and power. The outer layer of the tent is made from water-proof, tear-resistant, durable high-quality canvas fabric. Aside from the material, the tent is supported by the sturdy metal corner adapters and telegraph poles. They’re strong and long-lasting, simple to install and don’t require any tools. The tent also ensure well ventilation thanks to dual cinching duct holes and rectangle vents with mesh. Generally, there is nothing outstand or special features from this tent, but it is one of the best solution, low-cost grow chamber that are perfect for indoor gardening.

#4 VIVOSUN 2-in-1 Grow Tent for Indoor Hydroponic Growing System

The reason why this grow tent called 2-in-1 tent is that it has 2 small chambers and 1 large tent room, which make the independents room for different grow stages. That means, you do not need to wait your plants finish their grow cycle to start the new season, 3 separate room for propagation, growth, and blooming stage at the same time. You can maximum your yield with this tent.

The tent frame is made of sturdy metal poles and the tent material is water-proof, double-stich 600D canvas. The inner layer of VIVOSUN 2-in-1 grow tent is 98%-reflective mylar, which blocking all the light and boosting the light intense inside the tent.

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#5 VIVOSUN Grow Tent Complete System

Another product from VIVOSUN but it is not simple a tent but also a complete kit that comes with everything you will need to grow plants indoor right away. This tent is quite large with the dimensions are 3×3 ft. The kit provides a lot of functions such as Complete System: floor tray, 4-inch inline fan, VS2000 LED grow light, temperature humidity meter, trellis netting, 5-Pack of 5-gallon grow bags, shears, a timer.

VS2000 full-spectrum LED grow lights is power enough to mimic the natural sunlight throughout your plant growth life. Multiple vent holes, adjustable fan, and carbon filter are work together to reduce any odor and provide fresh air inside the tent.

#6 Quictent Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

One of the most affordable grow tent available making it the ideal grow chamber for growers who have limited budget. This simple tent available in 7 different sizes for you to choose the perfect one that fit your space. The most outstanding features is that this tent comes with 2 years guarantee, which implies that this tent is affordable but still reliable. It is made of Extra-thick 600D Oxford Cloth for the outside cover and 98% reflective PET Silver Mylar for the inside layer. Additionally, it is designed with a heavy-duty zipper, which strengthen the grow tent, keep it secure and also blocking the light. The tent comes with observation window and removable floor tray, to complete your hydroponic system, you will have to buy other equipment separately

How to control urine odor in mice cage?

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New mice owners often underestimate the amount of work you actually need to put to maintain a mice cage. Mice produce lots of urine and feces the primary cause of smells from mice waste and rapidly make a habitat odorous.

The best cage for mice should not have a particularly strong smell. Having a clean cage means your mice will be healthier and happier. if their cages are filthy, they can be stress and even develop nasty illnesses. If the smell is getting unpleasant, it’s time to try some method below.

#1 Remove soiled bedding regularly

I would like to recommend remove soiled bedding once or twice a day if necessary, this will allow your pet to sleep and urinate in a clean place.

The mice tent to use one place in their cage as the toilet, this will make your task of cleaning straightforward. If not, just remove any bedding that has become damp with urine by plastic tongs or a scoop.

#2 Using baby wipes to clean the cage

Non scented baby wipes will be the good ideal to wipe the cage. Whether you use glass, wire or plastic cage, they can be easier to wiped down and keeping it clean. Not only the cage, the baby wipes also work well to wipe the plastic accessories in the mice cage, and reduce the smell that can linger on them. Not to mention they’re great for cleaning the exercise wheels.

#3 Pet Sprays

There are always the corners, small cracks, or any harder sports in the cage that wipes can’t reach well, it is where the pet spray come to handle. However, I would like to recommend you to rinse your cage and the items with warm water after you spray them, even if it says their safe for your pets, you always want to make sure that there is no risk.

#4 Provide a mice litter tray

You should spend your time to observe your mice to know where them usually go for toilet. Placing the litter tray in this corner and add some heavily soiled bedding over a substrate of a different texture. There is the change that your mice will use the litter tray you give them as long as it easy for them to access.

Clean the tray daily, replacing only some of the soiled litter each time. Leaving a bit in the tray reminds the mice of where they do their business after you’ve cleaned it.

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Why you should and should not use soil bedding for tortoises?

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If you’re looking for natural bedding material, then soil can be the best bedding for tortoise you want. Tortoises pretty much walk on it and dig through it already in the wild, so they are as natural as you can get

However, It not means that soil bedding does not have the downsides. You would not choosing the wrong type of bedding for your pets as it can actually have really detrimental effects on their health. This post is the pros and cons of soil beeding and also the best way to use soil as bedding for tortoises.

#1 Advantages of soil bedding

As long as it does not contain additives like fertilizers or perlite, is the most natural substrate for indoor tortoise pets. Soil is very cheap. When packed down, it provides a good walking surface for tortoise.

Besides, tortoises can also bury themselves, dig nests to lay eggs, tunnel through this material fairly easily without it collapsing too quickly. Additionally, if you want to put plants in tortoise enclosure, soil is the best material to support them. When it kept moist, soil provides a humid enviroment for burying species.

#2 Disadvantages of soil bedding

The problems with using soil, however, is that it can be very messy mud it if too wet. It can can be flicked around if your tortoise digs through it. And it can be very dusty when dry, this could be problematic if you or anyone in your family has respiratory problems.

Soil can contain unwanted bugs, parasites, and their eggs, which can cause harm to your tortoise, especially the parasites. Soil also can contain fertilizers and perlite, animal feces like chicken droppings and bat guano. Organic soils can contain aromatic wood shreds/chips of unknown type, these can irritate tortoises and allergic keepers.

#3 How to properly use soil as bedding

If you plan on using soil as bedding, at first, you have to sterilize it properly. You can do so through steam, using an oven or a microwave. The trick is to subject the soil to as much heat as possible for a long enough time.

You also can by some safe soil bedding products for tortoise such as Zoo Med’s ReptisoilOpens in a new tab., Exo Terra’s Plantation Soil, or even some organic gardening soil products.

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Is fake plant safe for chameleons?

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It is obvious that live plants serve lots of useful purposes inside the habitat of chameleons. Live plants help maintain healthy humidity levels in the tank and clean the air for a healthier habitat for your pet, which fake plants cannot do.

However, there are also some advantages to using fake plants instead of live plants. What happens if you use fake plants in chameleon’s cages? Is it the best plants for chameleons? This post is about the pros and cons of fake plants so you can make your decision to use it or not.


#1 Fake plants last for long

Fake plants do not require any care at all. While live plants need some special condition such as, soil moisture, light exposure, heat tolerance; you can use fake plants virtually anywhere in your chameleon’s enclosure. They do not need light, water and optimal temperature to survive.

Besides, they’re more durable than their live counterparts. You don’t have to worry about whether the plant will get trampled to death by your pets. You may have to place live plants regularly as they can be very delicate.

#2 Fake Plants are versatile

There are always sometimes when you want to replace the old plants in the cage with a new one to create a new look for your chameleon’s tank. And easy to remove and replace fake plants. You do not have to worry about replanting the new plants while still keep the old one alive.

#3 Fake plants also provide place to hide and climb on

Like live plants, fake plants are also valuable for providing different types of cover where chameleon can hide to feel safe and secure in their environment. Chameleons love to climb, and providing the right fake plants also allows them ample opportunity to do so.


#1 Fake plants do not maintain humidity

Since they are not alive, they cannot absorb water and also release water, which means that they have no effect on ambient humidity levels. You may have to try the other ways to maintain the optimal humidity level in the tank.

#2 Fake plants are not safe for ingestion

This is the biggest problems of fake plants that your chameleon may be decoyed by the color of fake plants and try to eat them. Although fake plants are fairly durable and generally don’t taste edible but the ingestion is still possibility. Fake plant cannot be digested and any ingested pieces of fake plant may block the digestive tract of chameleons.

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[UK Seedbank] Sensible Seeds Review (www.sensibleseeds.com)

Posted on August 11, 2020Categories Blog

The first thing I like about this page is they send out a notice about safe delivery(especially during this pandemic right now). Eveyone is being affected by COVID and it is great to see the company taking the right steps for their customers safety. I already like this company.

The second thing I noticed is the site carries everything from feminized seeds to medicinal seeds.

The site is very interactive. The price range is also more reasonable too. Say, for example, you want to get some The Barney’s Farm Seeds Purple Punch Feminized Seeds. You will pay about $41 for your order. I can understand why this site makes it into the top 10 for seed bank reviews. Just going on what I have mentioned thus far, I can see why it is one of the top 10 best seed banks.

One of the running promos includes paying with bitcoin. If you pay 50 pounds using bitcoin, you will get 5 seeds of premium OG Kosh Fem. This company does take care if its customers.

The company is located in the UK(Great Britain), making it one of the best European seed banks. They also have other promos too, including high CBD cannabis strains and high THC cannabis strains.

Under the bitcoin freebies, 100 pounds equals 10 free seeds. 200 pounds equals 20 free seeds. You can pretty much tell where the rest is heading.

The company site also answers some FAQs including what happens when an item is out of stock. What the company does is contact you right away to ask whether or not you want a replacement. They may also offer you a refund.

What happens if your seeds are damaged?

This is a highly unlikely thing, but it does happen. Most of the time, you submit the request to the company with an explanation. They will offer a replacement and send it right to you.

No shipping is not included in the price. The shipping will be calculated based on how much you buy.

THe one negative I find with the company are the payment options. The company only offers cash, bitcoin, credit/debit card, or an Amazon gift card. That is it. As I said, that is the only bad thing about the company I see(so far).

I would most certainly choose this company over the first one any day. They put more effort and product into their overall company plan.

Best internal aquarium filter: NO.17 Submersible Aquarium Internal Filter vs COODIA Internal Green Water Killer Filter 

Posted on June 30, 2020July 6, 2020Categories Blog

An internal aquarium filter is the aquarium equipment that must be completely immersed inside your tank. Generally speaking, the best internal aquarium filter is compact in size, operates without making much noise, and also ensures reliable filtration for the small and medium tank size.

This post will filter out only two functional and superior quality internal filters: NO.17 Submersible Aquarium Internal Filter vs COODIA Internal Green Water Killer Filter.

As the quick disclose, we higher appreciate COODIA filter than NO.17 for only one reason that is NO.17 filter is slightly heavy and have to be fully immersed, which makes it a litter bulky, while COODIA filter is pretty smaller.

#1 Flow rate

Depend on the size of your aquarium; you will need to choose the best fish tank filters that have a suitable flow rate. A larger tank will require more powerful rates of flow than a smaller tank. Basically, the best filter for your tank should handle all the water in your tank for a minimum of three times per hour.

COODIA green water filter could already successfully filter a tank that contains 150 gallons. While No.17 filter is designed to filtering 132 gallons per hour, it also offers a key that allows you to adjust the water flow rate. This is serviceable to fish tanks from 10 by up to 50 gallons of water.

#2 Features

NO.17 Submersible Aquarium Internal Filter includes the multiple filter media that serve for different filtration purposes. It equipped the high-quality water pump that is built to offer more reliability and ensure noise-free operation.

This pump produces microbubbles that help to remove all the detritus floating in the water. This product also safe you’re your fish since it comes with the sponge filter that is cover the input to prevent your fish go into and stick on the motor. Moreover, It includes 2 nozzles; you can choose the nozzle to clean and fresh your aquarium.

COODIA filter equipped with the 5-watt water pump and 5-watt U-V light included. The light provides 254nm wavelength UVC that works for controls harmful microorganisms and prevents the growth of free-floating algae.

Best aquarium gravel cleaner: NICREW Automatic Gravel Cleaner vs SSRIVER Gravel Cleaner

Posted on June 30, 2020July 6, 2020Categories Blog

In order to clear uneaten food and fish waste that built up in your gravel without taking all the things inside and deep clean the tank, you will need the best aquarium gravel cleaner. If you have no idea about gravel cleaner and be confused about them, you are in the right place. In this post we are going to compare and going to detail for two reliable gravel cleaners: NICREW Automatic Gravel Cleaner vs SSRIVER Aquarium Gravel Cleaner.

To save your time, SSRIVER Aquarium Gravel Cleaner scored higher than NICREW gravel cleaner since NICREW has the possibility to clog and you should keep your eye on it.

#1 Types of the gravel cleaner

Nicrew gravel cleaner is the electric fish tank gravel cleaner. That means it offers more suction power than manual siphons thanks to the built-in electric vacuum pumps. It is the best aquarium gravel vacuum for those who prefer to clean the gravel frequently since it does the job quickly and easier.

However, the drawbacks of these electric gravel cleaners are that they have limitations on the deep of the tank that can be used for and you cannot change the water with electric gravel cleaners.

SSRIVER gravel cleaner is not as powerful as Nicrew but it can do both replace the water and keep water fresh. Moreover, it could also be used for many different sizes of the aquarium because its hose is long enough.

#2 Effective

Nicrew has the capability to clean everything, removes particles and from the top layer of gravel without disturbing the gravel. It removes the build-up of harmful toxins in your aquarium. It also is certified as environment-friendly.

SSRIVER gravel cleaner is a feature with a filter basket in the tube, which will prevent the gravel blocking. This makes it works reliably in separating and eliminating residues from the tank. Furthermore, It also equipped with a flow controller, which allows you can easily adjust the water flow.

#3 Design

NICREW Automatic Gravel Cleaner can be able to disassemble and easily washed out after use. However, the minus is that this product includes an unpleasant filter, which makes it difficult when you need to install the filter.

SSRIVER gravel cleaner is designed with a well-formed shape, compact structure. The design makes it easy to handle, install and operate. It is also easy to use since you just need to press the bottom to pump the water out. But the minus point is that it seems to be made from a low quality plastic material.

10 Tips for Safely Travel with Your Infants

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One of the things that give young millennial parents a hard time is traveling with their infants on long road trips. But of course, they must be carried on any trip, especially if you are going to visit your grandparents.

But does it always have to be a stressful trip because you carried your adorable infant along? Well, the fact is that you can travel stress-free with your kid and reach your destination with happiness. 

There are simple things you can do to make your kid and yourself happy and comfortable all through the journey. Here are some tips for traveling with your infant:

Tip #1: Driving at night

This sounds weird, especially if you are not used to traveling at night. However, this is a great way to travel with your infant with minimal or no disturbance at all. At night, the child will spend most of the hours sleeping unless you have the kind of a kid that is always awake at night. 

Another great advantage of driving at night is driving for long stretches without breaking. Your child will less bored and hungry because he or she will be sleeping. 

Tip #2: Choose a route that caters for your needs

Most destinations have more than one route. Always choose a route that has all that you need along the way whether you are traveling at night or during the day. Choose a route that has access to restrooms, food, service for your car and gas station. This will help you in case you feel tired and want to pull over to have some rest.

Tip #3: Have the right car seat stroller combos

This is a must-have if you are traveling with your infant, especially for long distances. The beauty of having the best car seat stroller combo is the comfort and protection that they give your child. 

The unexpected may happen, but when your child is on their car seat strollers, they are safe from any impact of an accident. You can look for those car seat strollers that are all-in-one. They can be used as car seats and strollers in case you want to move out of the car with your infant. 

Tip #4: Have the required supplies

Every parent knows that children are demanding in their care. If you are going for a long trip, ensure that you have all the needed items within your reach. You don’t have to unbuckle from your seat to access them. You need to carry things like changeable diapers, wipes, versatile toys, especially on the car seat stroller, an extra blanket, some breast milk, and infant Tylenol among others. Of course, you need snacks and other types of food. 

Tip #5: Choose the right songs

Well, although songs may not be so good to your infant, choosing great melodies where you add your lyrics to keep the baby entertained can be a great way of keeping the baby awake and entertained. Singing to your baby is more effective than having some music on the radio, especially when you want them to take a nap. 

choose the right songs

Choose the right songs makes your driving with your infants easier

Tip #6: Don’t be so hard on yourself

You are not superhuman. You will get tired and drowsy after long hours of driving. Pushing yourself to the extreme can be very tragic. If you are amid such a condition, accidents happen. Pullover and relax for some hours whenever you are drowsy. 

Tip #7: Have regular breaks

An adult can stay for up to six hours without the need to use a restroom. However, your infant cannot hold it for such a long time. Therefore, always try to make stops after every one to three hours when traveling during the day. At night, only make a stop in a secure place after three to six hours. You can use this time to change diapers and stretch a bit.

Tip #8: Exchange babysitting duties

Although mothers are good at taking care of infants, it is a good idea to exchange roles after some hours. If one of you is on the wheel, the other should be with the baby resting and keeping the baby entertained. After some time, exchange roles and let the one who has rested take over the wheel. Try to sleep when the baby is sleeping to be refreshed to take over the wheel.

Tip #9: Be ready for the unexpected

Even if you have serviced your car, ensure you carry that spare tire, tire iron, a jack, and other essential tools. Take the right precautions, even when you don’t have your infant on board.

Tip #10: Ensure the car is in prime condition

Can you imagine your car being towed at midnight while your baby is screaming the loudest? That can be very frustrating. To avoid that, ensure you have your vehicle checked before departure. 


The above tips can make your trip awesome and enjoyable, even when you are with your infant. Never think of leaving your baby alone in the car, especially when going for some shopping, carry a car seat baby stroller for easier maneuvering. Now you have what it takes to have a decent trip. 


(1) https://autance.com/best-car-seat-stroller-combos/ 

(2) https://www.tsa.gov/travel/travel-tips/strollers-car-seats-breastmilk-oh-my

How Big Does Fully Grown Bearded Dragon Get?

Posted on April 20, 2020Categories Blog

It is not easy to estimate the size of a baby bearded dragon then it is grown. The size and length of bearded dragons depend on some factors such as the breed, their living environment, their diet and their sex.

But generally, you can expect that your fully grown bearded dragons can reach 18-20 inches in length from their head to the tip of the tail. But if your bearded dragons are not growing as normal, there are some things that you should consider to ensure the good condition of growth for your pet.

#1 They are not getting enough UVB light

The best UVB bulb is regarded as beneficial for bearded dragons grown. UVB provides Vitamin D3, which helps bearded dragons appropriately absorb calcium from their diet. Without calcium, bearded dragon bones will be weak and brittle, impeding the growth of bones.

Besides, do not exposure enough with UVB light can lead to the suppressed appetite of your bearded dragons, lacking of nutrients lead to the stop of growth.

#2 Your bearded dragons do not have a proper diet

In the 6 first months of bearded dragons life, the baby will grow very quickly, they require enough protein as much as they can eat to grow. If your bearded dragons are under 3 months old, they need to be fed 5 times per day, each time last 10-15 minutes. And you should expect that they eat as much as possible.

#3 They are bromated when they young

Brumation can know as the hibernation of reptile when the winter comes. When this process taking place, your bearded dragons tend to spend most of the time to sleep and they do not need to eat. So they will lose their weigh.

But when you allow them to be bromated at a young age, they will waste their ideal time of growth. This is the reason why the brumation stunt the growth of your bearded dragons.

In order to avoid this, you should maintain the constant temperature in their cage all the time and also maintain the day/night cycle is normal every day.

The Hot Springs

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The Hot Springs are Harrison’s namesake. The mineral rich hot springs were originally used by the Salish Coast Natives who revered them as a “healing place”, arriving by canoe to benefit from their rejuvenating waters. These healing waters can be enjoyed by all at the Harrison Hot Springs Public Pool. Open Monday through Thursday 9:00am till 8:00pm, and Friday and Saturday 9:00am till 9:00pm. Adults $8.50, Children and Seniors $6.25, Children 4 and under Free. One dip tickets as well as day passes can be purchased. Locker and towel rentals are available for a nominal fee.

#1 The facts

There are in fact two hot springs at the south end of Harrison Lake, the Potash, with a temperature of 40°C (120°F), and the Sulphur, with a temperature of 65°C (150°F). Combined the temperature averages 145F/62.8C at the source which is then cooled down for the pool to 100F/38C According to the Resort the waters average 1300 ppm of dissolved mineral solids, one of the highest concentrations of any mineral spring. Harrison’s hot spring is one of several lining the valley of the Lillooet River and Harrison Lake, with two others on the lake at Twenty Mile Bay and at Port Douglas, at the head of the Bay. The northernmost of the Lillooet River hot springs is at Meager Creek, north of Whistler, with another well-known one to the east of Whistler at Skookumchuck.

#2 The belief

In general heated water can hold more dissolved solids. Hot springs coming up through the earths crust often have a very high mineral content, containing everything from simple calcium to lithium, and even radium. The Harrison Hot Springs are said to bring relief to sufferers of rheumatism and arthritis through the 8 minerals present in the water including: sulphur, iron, magnesia, Epsom salts, iodine, potash and alum. For more information on healing waters or the study of Hot Springs click here.

#3 The Story

The traditional story of the spring’s discovery talks about one member of a nearly frozen group of miners who were returning down the lake from Port Douglas, falling into the water from either being over anxious to reach the shore or from weakness. In any event he was so happy with the warmth, that his companions soon joined him. A year later Judge Matthew Begbie named the springs Alice Springs after the daughter of then Governor Douglas.

Other great Hot Springs in B.C. include:

  • Ainsworth
  • Canyon Hot Springs
  • Fairmont Hot Springs
  • Halcyon Hot Springs
  • Nakusp
  • Radium Hot Springs

Other less known Hot Springs that often require some off-roading or hiking can be found if you follow this link: BC Hot Springs. This site also has an extensive listing of hot springs throughout the Northwest.

Just over the border in Alberta are a couple of other hot springs worth mentioning:

  • Banff Hot Springs
  • Miette Hot Springs